Why does he act this way?

My ex boyfriend came to my house to hang out. He has a new girlfriend now and she's pretty and seems to be a caring person.Well I feel that when I broke up with him he expected me to be behind him. He tried to get back with me but I pretty much weighed out the relationship and didn't think it would work. We had got in a fight a month before because I saw he was talking to someone else. I tried to talk about it with him but he kept on denying it. This was the second time and the first time I did see he was trying to meet some woman and he apologized I forgave him. We had gone through so much that year and he had really been there for me in tough times.He was absolutely a great boyfriend and we loved each other very much.He wanted marriage and children but I just didn't feel secure with him acting this way. We were together for years and have been friends since we were young. As I said he was trying to get back with but I was keeping myself busy.

So he comes to my house and we were hearing music and all of a sudden that song from Usher You don't have to call comes on. He literally was singing the song to me but upset as he expected me to be calling him and be upset that he has a girlfriend now.

Other songs came on and it seemed he was singing them at me.When we broke up he called my sister trying to get her to talk to me about it. He called me constantly and came by the house to try to talk. He already has a girlfriend yet still seems to be bothered by what happened. I don't think he's still

in love with me but more like he wants me to be begging him back. Or acting more upset about it. Why is he acting as it bothers him that I'm nonchalant about the whole thing? What's with men and their egos?


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  • I can't really answer your question any more than you have answered it yourself. Yes, men do get way too obsessed with keeping their egos intact. Why that is, I really can't say. His behavior does makes me worried about his current girlfriend, not because he was trying to cheat on her with you but because he seems kind of selfish. Maybe one day she will have to fend off his attempts to get her to beg him to return even while he's seeing yet another girl. It's not exactly a rosy future.

    • I am really glad I never had anything more with him. I feel absolutely bad about the new girlfriend because she doesn't know exactly the way he is. That's the same way I was when we started dating I thought he was faithful. The woman is my sister's friend do you think I should tell her that he's a cheater?

    • Typically, that would make you look like a bitter ex. Most people don't listen to such warnings especially when the boyfriend puts you in the worst possible light. Would you have listened to warnings when you were at that stage? She will find out soon enough. You are in a better place to be listened to if you relate this last encounter. At least he would have to explain what he was doing with you in the first place.

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