Ex girlfriend contacts me after 3 weeks of break up?

Me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up 3 weeks ago. Our relationship is great I treat her great. then suddenly she said she wants to be alone and doesn't want any relations.

I've been doing No contact since the break up and She contacts me all of a sudden

She Said

"Hi! how are you? I heard about the bad weather in your hometown is your family there ok? "

I thought about replying to her or not.. in the end I decide to just reply the next day..

I said

"I'm doing great and they are fine.. Thanks"

she didn't reply anymore.. Did I do the right thing? I still want this girl back and I do love her.. But what is her intentions messaging me? to lessen her guilt ? for her Ego? or she misses me?

Why she didn't reply anymore?

Thanks Guys!


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  • Are you the ex of this girl? link lol

    Don't you just love it when 2 questions seem like they're related to each other that they could be talking about each other? :p

    I think there's a possibility that she misses you, but since you didn't ask her back how she was, etc, she then knows that you're not in the same place and gave up.

    • Is my reply to her really that cold? what would you feel if you get that kind of response?

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    • I didn't really intend to be like that.. But I need to be strong that's why I reply like that and the truth is I want this girl back.. I might have push her away for good this time.. :(

    • then write to her, ask her how she's doing.

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  • Put yourself in her position, that could give some insight. If I were to act like that, I would text him because it would be hard for me not hearing from him after a two year relationship. So I'd text him something because I'd want to hear him, but not give him the intention I want him back so I wouldn't reply anymore. That's kinda the only thing that kinda makes sense that I could think of.

    • Thanks to your point of view.. we couldn't really know what her intentions though.. but why bother me Obviously I'm trying to move on already 3 weeks since of No Contact. why mess my mind with this breadcrumbs? I actually thought about not replying but it will be rude..

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    • If you need the no contact, either ignore her messages or let her know that you're trying to get over her and you'd prefer it if she leaves you alone for now, so you can take your time to get over her.

    • Do you WANT to answer her? If not, just let her know that you'd prefer no contact for a while. Don't worry about coming off as rude or inpolite, just think about what you want now.

  • will the exact same thing happened to me , she is

    maybe embarrassed , or feeling guilty that she have left you , sometimes the dumpers are so shy out of guilt that they can't simply ask for another chance , so they just tend to send hints and once you replied them coldly they talk a back step again , cause they know they will be 85% rejected , I think this is maybe what happened her , specially if after the break up you sort of tried to beg her or ask her to stay and she refused , it increases her shyness

    • Exactly what happen to us.. I tried to tell her to give us a second chance and think about it carefully. She declined in her email and she said she wanted to be alone. After that email I didn't contact her anymore. Now after 3 weeks suddenly contacts me. Is my reply to her really that cold? what would you feel if you get that kind of response?

    • ohh I discovered I've had some spelling mistakes , sorry for that :D ,no, it wasn't that cold but yes it is not so inviting too, but yeess you have the right to be sad and to be cold , do not blame yourself cause at the end you had to for your dignity , the best thing now is to wait for he next step , she will probably be feeling more guilty now because my your reply you did confirm her reasons to be embarrased, either she will be too guilty to talk again , or she will find it too hard and talk

  • i thinkthat she knows that you love her ! soshe don't wanttobe with you but she don't want to loose you either so every time she think about the probabibility of you moving on ... she will apprear and reappear to make you stay . that's a girl thing ... next time don't reply she will be wondering why you didn't ... and then she will start to think of u.


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  • I've left my ex alone for 3 weeks now. She broke up with me and is dating a guy I don't like to get back at me. Her words, not mine. But she is liking pics on my Instagram. We Aren't friends on there, she is looking me up. Suggestions?


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