Help! What should I think or expect? No idea...

So here is the story: I live in the UK and met this guy while he was living there for a time too (he is American and was supposed to fly back to the states). At first we had an online contact than we switched numbers and began to text each other almost everyday. After a long texting time we have finally met and spent the night together. We've had an amazing time but I was pretty sure it was a one time thing. He is a very good looking guy and has a lot of girls around him, so I thought a hook up would be the only thing what'd come out of this situation. I knew that he will come back to the UK again (work related) but it was a eight month-time until then and there was no way I could expect more than a one night stand. And he didn't text me in his last two days here before he left so that made me sure of my opinion.

But after a week he texted me and said that he misses me and wanne see me again when he's back. So we' began to text each other again. Most of our conversations are pretty hot because there is a strong attraction between us but sometimes he just texts me and asks me how I'm doing. That confuses me. I mean I'm sure he can enjoy himself there (sexually) very easily but he still keeps texting me and it's most of the time but not always about sex. And now it's been about 4 month now since he has left. He will be back in 4 month and I have no idea what to expect.

What do you guys think? What is going on in his head?


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  • Idkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...


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