Why did my ex tell me he wants to work things out and be together and he is not with the other woman?

Let me explain my situation it pretty complicated. To begin with this is not just an ex he is my babies father. Our relationship had it ups and downs. He would try to touch me in a romantic way to made l o v e with me. I found out that he was talking to another woman. She would text him "baby I miss u" I also seen his FB page it happened to be open and I seen all her messages and his messages. How he loves her and she is his soul mate.. I was so hurt I cried . I cried so much my eyes puffed up . I could not breathe. I felt the air was taken from me. I wanted him back I would come to him every night and seduced him for 4 weeks straight everyday He love it and during the l o v e making he would ask me if I loved him. I said yes I loved him. He would ask me how much and to show him how much and I did I showed him and made him feel it. One night he pushed me away he said he never wants to get with me that he hates me to go find someone else. I was so hurt I left the house and met someone. I came back home at 3:45 am in the morning I went to my room. He asked if I had slept with someone. I told him I was tired. He laid next to me and got angry . He kept accusing me of doing something. Then he said oh ,now you tired ,now you do not want to seduce me because you did something. He started to touch me and put his hand between my l e g s. He told me to go to his room so followed him into his room. As he undressed me and we had did the nasty he kept saying to me" Is this how he did it, Is this how hard it was, Did it feel good. " He had me in different positions I was melting into his body. I told him it was not a man I had something with it was a woman. I told him all the things I did to her and what she did to me. He kept getting more into into the l o v e making and was aggressive with me. The next day he had go away. he told me we were going to work things out that he want us to be together and grow old together. we kissed and were talking on the phone every night . He told me sweet words and how my l o v e making with him was amazing like p o are and star. he told me any man has to be out of his mind to pass me away and that I am irresistible. everyday we would talk and he will text me how much he loved me. he will call and tell me he was always in love with me and he will always will be. he told me no other woman but me. he said it was over between him and that woman. he said she does not want anything to do with him and that she changed her # and she blocked him from FB. To make this short and not sound like a novel . I found out different when I went online. She had him on her page that she is in a relationship with him. she made recent comments on his pics. showing him love. it made me angry. I called him about it . he told me to TRUST HIM. I told him I will but I had this gut feeling inside he was lying to me. Now he he does not want me because I keep questioning him about her. now he calls me a whore.


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  • Well, I would NEVER believe the other woman

    she is a lying skank that swims in the gutter seducing other womens' men

    so whatever she writes on FB or other = BS trying to succeed in getting a man, posting "no trespassing" to others, even his mate !?!?!? Yes, this works

    As for him, I don't read him testifying on Bibles that he never had relations with that woman

    and more importantly that he will not again. He puts it like - SHE doesn't want him anymore, instead of HE doesn't want her ... backwards talk like this is always suspicious


    he's right about one thing


    allows LOVE to flourish in spirit

    and currently

    you don't trust him and your one outing showed he doesn't trust you

    From what I am reading, neither should trust the other

    as it SEEMS you both cheated, regardless of circumstances.

    Only because he's the father, for the sake of the child

    one of you has to be the mature grown up and trust the other, even in the face of BS thrown by others

    I'm afraid you are elected as the obvious more mature of these two

    Sorry but the only other hope I can give is that "lead by example" does work many times, so lead with a flag of love not matter how much it hurts and eventually you'll wear him down and he'll dismiss bitches that don't get their way with him.


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