He says he still likes me, so why aren't we back together?

I dated this guy for a while and really started to like him. When we broke up he said he wanted things to stay the same where we talk like we did before we started dating. He's a senior going into the Army in August and I'm a junior this year. When we broke up he told me he thinks I really am the one for him and wants to get back together someday, but needs time to figure life out and it's kind of a test to see how we will be when he leaves for basics. I really am having a hard time with us not being together because we talked from the minute we woke up to the minute we fell asleep for months. Now it's been about a month since we broke up and lately he is saying he just doesn't want a relationship right now. I really want to try things out again, but I can't wait for him forever. He means so much to me and he's all I think about. He got drunk with some friends last night and told my best friend he still likes me there's just a lot he needs to figure out. What am I supposed to do? He's stringing me on and I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest. I miss what we had and want to prove to him that we can make it through anything TOGETHER and if he really believes I'm the one we should get back together. What do you guys think? Please help


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  • I've heard of this before. If you both love each other why test it? Love shouldn't be tested, but proven. To me it sounds like he wants to see what the army will give him and see if your willing to wait.


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