He had told me he'd be going incognito for a year - should I look for him?

The story began this year in January in my Physics Tuitions. I started liking him just before our School Leaving Board Examonations, we even got the same board centre lol.

I always caught him staring OH SO SWEETLY at me, once in the middle of the road. We chatted non-stop and always laughed togeher. Almost inseparable when together.. And thenn, exams were over.

The last time he came for the tuition, he seemed to be waiting for me. He asked me atuff; what'd I be doing if I didn't get into a good college this year and told me he intends to drop and re-prepare for getting into the IITs. After he told me all this he seemed to be in a hurry, as though he had come just for that..

This was on 27 March. I've tried calling him, WhatsApping him but his phone says "switched off or not reachable". His WhatsApp Last seen is 27/8.

I don't know if I'm being crazy but I DO know he liked me.. I really like him and don't know where to look as he's not even to be found on Google.. Was there something, guys? I can't help hoping he'd come back..! :'(


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  • I can only presume two things

    1) he perhaps didn't like you as much as he let on

    2) because he didn't get into college he may feel inadequate in terms of dating or you, or at least may think that you might look differently on him so he's sort of retreating...

    do you know people who know him and are in contact with him? maybe you could ask them if they've heard from him and how he's doing

    • Unfortunately I don't know ANYONE who's in touch with him.. our teacher adored him but I think even she is disappointed (and he was obviously embarrassed). I'm looking for him on fb, any damn person who might know him or his whereabouts, a single freakig hint.. but haven't foubd anything as yet..

      You may be right of course I saying that he couldn't have liked me as much.. But I saw somethig in his eyes which I'll never forget.. and shall keep looking..

    • just keep in mind... often times people who seem to fall off the grid don't want to be found so even if you find him try not to have high expectations

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