Why would someone have these unhealthy obsessions with guys?

There is this guy I met about a year ago, I slowly developed a huge crush on him. He was interested in me as well, we hung out several times and kept coming back to each other but couldn't seem to get along for complicated reasons. He ended up moving away.

I have a very unhealthy obsession with him, it was gone for a while but now it came back. I think about having sex with him all the time, I dream about him (mostly dreams that we are dating and happy), I think about what it would be like to marry him. I know these are unhealthy fantasies but it's hard to make them go away.

The thing is I had another similar crush on a guy when I was about 14 years old, and that guy is really similar to the new guy. I was obsessed with him and really believed that we would end up together some day.

This doesn't happen to me with all guys by the way, just these two guys. Both are a bit older than me. I don't know if its just wanting what I can't have, or bigger pyschological issues


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  • This has happened to me before and it caused me to do something very foolish. I was thinking with my heart and not my mind when I did it, by the way. If it gets worse maybe you should talk to a professional.


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