My ex girlfriend says she hates me but responds to my texts, and we text for an hour or two. Why?

she hated me she won't talk to me at all right? Does the no contact really to get you ex girlfriend back?


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  • Well only so much of no contact works... how can it truly work when NO contact means you won't tale to resolve things and get your ex back? So some no contact maybe is enough if you still want them back.

    • ok I get that. Any good lines to use to sweep your ex girlfriend off her feet by texting her?

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    • You are right... I'll take the advice and use it.. Bad question to ask...

    • Good luck and just keep the lines of communication open and I think she will eventually open up and be less emotional.

  • Well I always ignore an ex when he texts after a breakup and every time they tell me they are sorry and made a mastaike. So I reccomend ignoring her.

    • So if I ignore my ex girlfriend will she start to miss me?

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    • Thank you for the advice and I will use it. Thanks again!

    • aai really hope it works out for you! Whatever should be will be keep your head up and like I said try goingout with someone else just to get out there. it will shock the crap out of her ;)

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