Why is my boyfriend referring to me by his ex-wife's nickname?

I know for a fact that "Mama Bear" was something between him and his ex- wife. But they had kids together. We don't have children together, and I am just wondering why he is using the same name that he called his ex- wife to refer to me as?

It's not even a sexy-cute name, not to mention, it's something they shared.


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  • Maybe he is un-creative. My partner does that too, but is not associating me with anyone else at all.

    Try talking to him about that.


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  • well I guess its a good thing , its probably he still missing her around but this is natural ,he is using the same nickname because you are getting that close to him , when you and him develop more history together you probably create different nickname

    i used to call my current girlfriend same nickname for my ex but now I can't stand her even using it because we are beyond that , don't make a big deal out of it and take it that he feels you are very close to him

    hope that helps

  • Probably has a hard time letting go. Tell him to stop.

    • Okay, I told him I didn't like that and he apologized for it and said he wouldn't do it again. We talked about the possibilities of him wanting to replace her with or through me, and he said that he is not trying to replace her, nor does he want to. So, I feel better about this whole thing. Thanks so much for the input!

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  • For me as a girl that's not good. Maybe he still have feelings to his former wife. Talk to him heart to heart.

    • Thanks girl, I had that "heart to heart" with him, he thinks I am just sensitive (hyper) but says that he has no feelings for her, and doesn't want her back by any means. He apologized and said he wouldn't do that anymore. He has been known to slip up again about things he claims he will never do again, so I guess it is a bit of a waiting game to see if it happens again. :) Thank you so much!

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