Boyfriend wants me to slow down due to failed relationships in the past?

Help my boyfriend says I need to slow down but I'm very confused... were getting a place together and I practically live at his house, I've met his son and everything has been great so what do I need to slow down? & tells me he rushed things with his last ex and he doesn't want this relationship to fail


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  • I think he just wants to take his time, he doesn't want to rush and everything goes wrong. Just go with his pace, and if you feel like he's moving to slow, then you might have to move on. But I think it's a good thing that he wants to make sure the relationship doesn't get messed up and wants to go slowly.


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  • have you been mentioning marriage? just chill and let things flow naturally and ask him if by slowing down does he mean he doesn't want you to move in with him.

    • No I'm not ready for marriage or kids he has a 3 year old son who I adore! I even told him I'm not ready for all that

  • He might not want you to move in and feels it is moving too fast.

    • It was his idea for us to get an apartment together and he's still the one who brings it up

  • i know how he feels just don't rush into anything let him take his time. make sure he knows you are not pressuring anything :)

    • Trying to just wish I knew what he means by slow down. .. I hate to ask him but guess ill have to lol

    • Good idea

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