What should she do with the stuff?

I'll try to make this as clear as possible.

My friend and her boyfriend broke up about a month ago.

They haven't spoken for about three weeks.

She has the p90x workout videos he bought

He bought them for them to do together

He didn't actually do them only she did

She has texted/called him asking if he wants them back and he has not responded.

She contacted him three times about them and he did not reply to any of the attempts.

She wants to know if she should mail them to him or if she should just keep them.

I have never been in this situation. What do you think she should do?

HE bought them (discounted price) but SHE was the only one who used them.

He has not said he wanted them back despite numerous attempts on her part to ask if he wants them.

So, thought? Who rightfully owns them?


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  • Put them in a box, and throw them in the back of the garage. She will forget about them, and then in a couple of years when she goes back there to look for something she will find them and throw them out, if he hasn't coming looking for his crap.

    So, Box it. Forget it. Garbage in a couple of years.

    Trust me, always works. LOL

    Or she can just garbage them now. But that's upto her. I would put them away somewere, and then garbage them after a couple of months.

    She will only forget him, if she puts them away somewere.


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  • Tell her to just keep them or resell them. From the sound of it, she did put great effort in to contacting her ex about his workout cd-Thats all that matters.

  • Just keep them. Especially if she uses them. She's made a reasonable effort to get them back to him, but they're obviously not important to him.

  • Burn a copy and mail them. What's the big deal?


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