Ex wants to have space after 4 months, why?

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago due to me taking her for granted. That's how she felt anyway. But she wanted to be friends because she felt comfortable around me and doesn't feel that way with ANYONE else.

After 4 months, with some arguments, she said she's still a angry at me because of everything and needs space.

I didn't feel like I took her for granted and I loved her very much. I think I've proven that much to her. Communication was the problem.

I can't help but think she wants space because she also still loves me. But I made it clear to her that I don't want a relationship with her anymore because I'm over her and I want to keep it that way.

What do you think she wants?


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  • I think you'd need to sit down with her and talk about it.

    Did she ever ask for the things she wanted you to provide while you were with her ?

    • well after giving her space I intend to talk to her or actually listen to her.

      What do you mean by if she ask for things?

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    • She told me 3 days before and I told her I'd make her feel special again. But she thought something along the lines of what's the point? She didn't believe me and that's why she broke up I guess.

      Some time after the break up I started to understand what went wrong where though. But she doesn't know everything about that yet.

      Somehow I have the feeling she still loves me but doesn't want a relationship or something and she might be struggling with that. Or she's just angry and wants some

    • space to cool down.

      I did fight for her after she broke up though atm that's not the case. I have been kinda sweet to her though. And I do like her but I just don't want to give in and get hurt again.

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  • She more than likely wants the same thing you do. Some people just don't want their ex's involved in their life anymore after a break up.


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