Is this a clear sign to move on?

I hugged a guy and he didn't hug me back ...

He flirts with me, and talks with me for every, so I hugged him, and he just stood there and didn't hug me back


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  • You might have caught him off guard. A while ago, a girl invited me somewhere, and I teased her that I may or may not, and eventually told her that I would. As soon as she saw me, she tore away from her friends and hugged me, and I wasn't expecting it so I don't think that I reacted very well to it, which I immediately regretted because, at that time, I was really into her and worried that she may have taken my response negatively. So, if he generally seems to like you, I don't think that you should worry about it.


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  • Hahaha guys are awkward like that! Have you noticed? If you hug a guy they barely hug you back or they hug you so awkwardly. It's the closeness, guys don't know how to act when a cute girl touches them, don't worry about it haha


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