My ex accidentally texted me from his "new" number.

So my question is we kinda were texting each other on Friday night.Then on Saturday I texted him with no response which would be normal for him since he said he doesn't want to be together.So I texted that on Tuesday that I was changing my number because Monday was a holiday and I didn't want to have anymore contact because it hurts to much.That was the text I sent Saturday night.Well I didn't say anything after I didn't get a response.Well I wake up to a text from some random number oo I lost my phone Saturday and I don't know if I got any texts Saturday.This was on Monday. I responded who is this? Because honestly I had no idea. He replied its Terry. Well after a day I thought let me try one more attempt before I really made sure we didn't have contact to see if we could be together or even be just friends.He said he doesn't want anything to do with me,doesn't want to get back together,doesn't even wanna be friends.Told me to move on.I said I was sorry and I made mistakes I begged and wanted to try to even just be friends and he said no.I told him alright I love you and I will leave you alone cause I want you happy.Well I changed my number right after the last attempt so he can't text by accident or me be tempted to reach out.So my overall question is why did he text me if he got a brand new phone and then I replied back with my old number and asked who is this and he answers and knows its me asking why did he even do it?Why did he do it then say he doesn't want nothing to do with me why couldn't he have just said nothing back?Plus I do some webcamming and he watches me on there and when I asked for his ip he gave me a fake one I know this because he use to have my Facebook password and I can only remember the first two numbers.So I can't block the ip until I know at least 2 more.Why does he care to watch me cam even though he texted before saying I'm messed up for it?If he really wants nothing to do with me why does he do anything he is doing he said he doesn't love me anymore so I don't understand please help me:(


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  • He is a jerk! Stay away from him. He obviously doesn't respect you because if he did he would respect your wishes not to have contact. He does these things because he doesn't care about you or your feelings. It is his way of being in control of you. Your job is to make sure you don't give it to him. He wants to keep you hooked because whoever he is with is of interest no more. He is a LOSER! If you go back to him you will get hurt again. TRUST ME he didn't text you on accident. Given your history he CLEARLY did it on purpose. My advice is to get your girls together and ask them to encourage you and keep you busy. Sorry you have an annoying ex. I have one too, but I am now at the point where I see clearly why I didn't want to be with him and don't want anything to do with him. I don't respond and I don't care about him at all. There is a new man in my life who is amazing. IF you give yourself time you will get where I am. You are strong, beautiful and deserve the best. You will be fine. Take this time to focus on yourself, what you have learned from this experience and what you will do differently next time. Grow and blossom.


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