Is there a chance we'll get back together?

To start off, my boyfriend has severe depression. He started becoming distant because he told me he was "feeling strange" and needed space from me. He then went spiraling into depression. He would check in almost everyday but was still very distant and he was becoming unsure if we should be together or not because he couldn't figure out the issue. I was sure he lost feelings for me.

We made a plan to see each other and when I got to his place, he had my stuff ready for me to take when I leave. I sat prepared to be told that he didn't feel connected with me anymore and I went with confidence to take bad news. He completely threw me off and told me it occured to him that he was falling in love with me. He had been hurt so much in the past that he was becoming too scared to open up to me and felt like we should end it so he can get his head together. He said he knew he shouldn't be doing this because I'm the best girlfriend he's had and will probably ever have but he doesn't want to put me through him trying to get out of his "spell" and that maybe we could try and be together again in the future. He had his head in his hands in silence forever while I tried to comfort him. The visit ended with me leaving his house and him crying. It was like a bad Nicholas Sparks novel.

I didn't talk to him after that day. He messaged me today (2 days later) asking how I was, letting me know he's still having a rough time but wanted to see how I was doing. I love him a lot and we had such a happy, relaxed relationship. I'm a woman that can handle depression, I'm very smart and compassionate. I want him back :( is there a chance that he will come back to me?


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  • Obviously if he wanted to be with you he would.Get over it.And really your comparing it to a romance novel? He said he's falling in love with you but yet doesn't want to be with you. I call BS. And he knows your gullible and will believe anything he says and stick around for the ride.God young people today are so sickening when it comes to love. Why wait to be with someone you truly are falling for? And hope they stick around. He doesn't care. Good luck because from the sounds of it he has the call on what goes on between you two before it was even a real commited thing.

    • Lol I was making a joke about it because I don't like romance novels. They're dramatic and so was the situation. But I appreciate the advice.

  • Men suck ass.

    • Nah, I love men. But mine is complicated.

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