Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?

I left my ex because he has a temper, want putting the effort into the relationship. That was nearly 5 months ago, we where only together for 6. After we broke up, he went through a few periods of talking to me and not talking to me. He didn't take the breakup easy. A month or so after we broke up is left the country and won't be back until new year. Before I left, he told me he wanted to go no contact. We did, but he got back in touch a few weeks later. We've had a few conversations online in the last few months. Today he told me he was unhappy how he left things when I left, and that he was going to work on making it right when I comeback. What do you think he means? Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?


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  • actions are all that matter. the fact is that if you broke up with him because of his temper unless he's done things to specifically address that flaw then nothing much has changed right?

    It sounds like he wants to get back together with you...but what's the point of getting back together if he hasn't address the anger issue?


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