How do you let go of a ex that has given you no closure at all?

My boyfriend well I should say my ex has not contacted me in three weeks. I am accepting the fact that he obvious does not want to be with me. How do I get through this time without being bitter and how do I just let it go. I want to be healthy through this process and I do not want to hate him not for his sake, but for mine I don't want to waste anymore energy on someone that just stop talking to you without saying a word.


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  • Just try to give yourself the closure. I know the pain of what your going through for I have had someone do this to me.

    Just write it off as there missing out. Cause really they are. You are meant for someone a lot better. And clearly he wasn't the one for you, cause he hasn't been able to give you a answer. Which should clearly state his lack of communication.

    Just don't stress. Just know that its not your fault. Cause in reality it isn't.

    He's just very low, and he probably won't be able to give you a proper answer because his ego is standing in the way.

    I know this will be hard, but you have to act as if he was never existent in your life. Just know that you did nothing wrong, and he is the idiot.

    • Thank you, so much I guess if I can just get over who does these kinds of things.

    • People that work/live off theie ego's normally do these things. There not very in tune with there hearts as we are. There just losers. All I gotta say.

      Don't worry, you sound like a very amazing woman. He is clearly not for you if he cannot explain himself to you.

    • Thank you, for you advice it is greatly appreciate!

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  • Don't look for a reason,They don't need a reason,so don't blame yourself or look for a reason,

    Just accept that life always gets better,and it will.


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  • I think the first step is realizing that you don't want to waste anymore time on someone who won't spend their time on you. If this guy can't see how great you are, then he doesn't deserve you.

    I was with a guy who was emotionally unavailable. I would tell him I loved him and all he would say was "I know". We were together for just over 2 years. It was my longest relationship, but it wasn't my best.

    I stayed with him in part because I was always hoping things would change for the better. That he would wake up one day and realize how great I was and fall in love with me like I had with him. But unfortunately that day never came.

    Now, I don't know about your situation. But if this guy broke things off, it's better to just try to move on and invest your time in yourself. I know it's hard. But it's really all you can do.

    Everyday it gets easier. Delete, or at least hide him from your social networking sites. Don't contact him in any way for a while. It's only going to make it harder to move on if you are still talking to him on a regular basis. Remember, this person made a conscious choice to step out of your life. Let them see what that's like.

    Most importantly of all, you deserve to be happy. Being with someone who's only okay with being with you is not happiness. You want someone who is over the moon to have you in their life :)

    • Thank you,

      My relationship lasted with him for about nine months. I was pregnant by him losted the baby and he really didn`t seem like he cared told me he was sad, but he had things going on. He has three baby mama`s, but that had nothing to do with our baby the way he liked I felt all a lone he did not even comfort me, after the lost not really maybe he did not know how. When I use to say I love you he would say it at first, but has the relationship went on he would say awwwh or nothing

    • Sounds to me like this guy was just being emotionally unavailable. I'm sorry that you had to go through this and I am sorry for your loss. But if this guy is not going to support you, then maybe it's better that you two aren't together? Also, it's a bad sign he already has 3 baby mamas. You want a guy who is going to make you his only baby mama. That way you know he is going to make you and your future children a priority. as they should be!

  • Well the minute he stopped reaching out to you it was closure. There was such a lack of communication felt that he did not even think you needed to know what happened.

    Have your tear party, think about how you were just saved from a potential mistake.

    From a woman's perspective.

    • Thank you, I just be glad when I stop being sad. I ask him did he want to be in a relationship and he looked me right in my eyes and said he wanted to be in a relationship with because I knew something was not right. Then have not talk to him in three weeks he did not even contact me on my birthday then told a mutual friend of ours we are still together he is just going through something really who does that!

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