I just don't understand my ex!

So me and ex-boyfriend broke up about a month ago but still keep in contact- like hi and bye, how are you, etc. So he texts me good morning (which was surprising to me) so I replied back and said good morning, it's very cold out so bundle up. We talk for a bit and I told him make sure you buy a coat because you work outside and I wouldn't want you to not be cold. He told me that he didn't think I would care about him since he's the past and I'm doing my own thing. I told him like I've told him before that I will always be in his corner no matter what and that just because we aren't together doesn't mean I never stopped caring about him. He told me that he knows that's going to change once I find someone and that he's OK with that when that happens. I don't know how he STILL doesn't understand or believe that I stick to my word and mean what I say. A part of me wants to give up on him and proving myself but the other doesn't.

PLEASE explain to me this!


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  • What are you wanting to prove to him? Who broke up with who?

    I was wondering also how long you've been together. It sounds as though he.may care about you still. And realistically, once you are in a new relationship,.and he meets someone new, this being in his corner and him in yours won't happen. It's just reality. And you probably told him once you wouldn't leave him. And things happen. Men tend to be realists women are more emotional thinkers. I think that he just knows, you won't always be there for him. And its true.

    • He broke up with me...always. And I was always there for him whenever he needed me.

    • Sounds like my ex hun. He always broke up with me. Then didn't like the thought of me with someone else. It's like he doesn't know what the heck he wants. In or out, and ironic how they do the breaking up, and act like we broke up with them. He doesn't know what he wants, that's what it comes down to. But. You like me, are there for them. From this point on. I guess the question is, what do you do. Don't stop living. Let him know you're great without him.

    • I totally agree. Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it :-).

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  • He knows (maybe from past experience) that girls often claim to want to remain friends with their exes. And that this rarely if ever actually happens. That's all.


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  • Sounds a bit passive aggressive of him to keep bringing that up. I guess the breakup was recent and things are still cooling down for a bit. Keep things cordial, but don't let him distract you from your stuff. Keep going forward and things will soon settle down (:


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