Is it time for me to move on?

If you try to do what's right all the time and things still go wrong is it time to move on ?


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  • Sometimes.

    If it is emotionally draining you, then yes I would say its time. If it isn't, then your still doing the right thing.


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  • It depends on how long you've been "together." If it's been years and breaking up would come as a surprise then you should "earn" your way out but having some honest and vulnerable conversations with her about how you feel. This way you can either make a plan together in order to make things FEEL good again, for you and her, or not.

    Remember - you're not responsible for how she feels, that's her responsibility. But how you treat her IS your responsibility.

    If you cut someone loose cold turkey and they don't have a chance to "fix" things then I think that's not fair.

    If you spend the entire relationship trying to make the other person happy, kinda like a door mat, then you're fighting a loosing battle. You need a full reboot of the relationship, and you should sit down to explain it.

    If your partner isn't interested in changing, or fixing anything, then it's time to move on.

    Your life and happiness is YOUR responsibility, not your partners. That's why you need to choose your partner wisely. Finding someone who's as giving as you will always make the relationship easier in the long term.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    ~ Robby

  • Depends on the longevity. If it's been approximately 30 minutes, no. If it's been 3 years, yes.

    • A whole year, no matter what I do that's right the situation always go bad

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    • Interesting. Perhaps you should ask him directly what's wrong?

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  • Maybe. And is it you who always try to do what is right? how about the other person? To be able to make something work, a collaboration from the people involved is necessary. If you are working it out all by yourself then why stay in a relationship?

    • I still try to do what's right but still everything end up wrong

    • Try taking a break and think if it's best to move on, and also try to talk about it with your partner

    • Maybe you didn't get it. This has been going on a year not a couple of seconds. And if it goes wrong yes it's gonna involve my partner

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