Was he being sincere? Or should I move on?

Me and my ex of almost 3 months split up Friday. He explained that he felt like we were moving to fast and that he wasn't over his ex (of 4yrs). Says he still loves me and cares about me he just isn't ready. He explained that maybe in a couple months we can try again or he may realize he made the wrong choice in a couple days, he wasn't sure he was making the right choice by leaving. He also said he still wants to be friends an hang out, but I don't know of I can do that emotionally he was so good to me I am completely torn by this. So now its wed and I still haven't heard from him and he still has a bunch of stuff to come get this weekend that he clearly could have fit in his truck when he left Friday... Today I did text him a specific day and what hours he could come to get his things he responded almost immediately that, that would be fine. I'm just still so confused!
I should add that instead of leaving immediately he took his time grabbing stuff and sonera what following me around and just watching me. It almost was if he was waiting on me to beg him not to leave. BUT if he really cares and blah blah, why isn't he initiating contact with me...


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  • I am not sure of your exact age, but your situation really requires maturity. I think you should take his answer literally. 4 years is a long time to be in a relationship. Just think of how connected you feel to him after only three months! Don't take what he said personally because everyone grieves differently. He may have really loved her. When MEN love they really love and when you break their hearts it really hurts. I think you have to change the way you are viewing the matter. This is really where maturity comes in because in a relationship sometimes we may have to put the other persons needs before our own. In your case if he needs time give it to him and don't be mad. Be grateful that he cared about you enough to be honest about what he was feeling. He could have continued in a relationship with you past the three months, but would you have really had him? His love for you could not have been wholehearted. Some men are jerks and would take advantage of the situation. He cared about you enough to end things before you were too invested and would hurt even more. Let him be and he will respect you for it. Move forward with your life and learn from this. It may hurt temporarily but you will see how much endurance you have. You can and will recover from this. Don't hope that he will come back, and if he does come back don't be angry. Admire his courage to be honest. Wouldn't it suck to be in a relationship where both people are not whole-heartedly committed? From what you said he sounds like a good man which is probably why you are having such a hard time letting go. But don't despair because he saw good qualities in you too. That means that some other good man will be able to recognize those same amazing qualities. Time heals everything...just DON'T become bitter. It will take away from your beauty. Also never rush a man into loving you because it won't last.

    So in answer to your question he was probably sincere and yes you should move on. You can't put your life on hold for someone who doesn't know what they want.

  • Throw up your peace sign and blow him a kiss goodbye! ...He'll be back. ;)


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