How come fixing things with your ex can be a good idea?

I messed up with my ex and I got into another relationship. Since then my life has not gotten better. I had to go back and fix my relationship with him. How come sometimes you have to go back where you messed up at to feel better?


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  • It's the part of healing. Facing any wrongs, and letting go. Maybe getting her forgiveness also, frees you from all that emotional and guilt baggage. And now you can move on. Why did you go back and fix it with her. Did you reconcile.

    • Ya we back together. Even when I was in a relationship she tried to get me to see. I feel bad how I done her

  • you mean you broke up with him and got into another relationship ? or what I don't quite get it

    • That's ok

    • so now it really depends on him and how much of a forgiver he is , if it is still a month or something since you broke up and he truly loved you , most probably he will be willing to forgive you and get back to you

    • Ok. So you guys are back together. you went back because you cared. Let the past go. You.can't change the past, you can build and create a better future. Let go of the past, learn from it, try not to make the same mistake if it hurt her the way you did. :-). Enjoy having her in your life again.

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