Trouble moving on! Help!

Ok I need some help but first I need no one to harshly comment because I'm looking for help for this. I'm going to be brutally honest and I'm hoping for a solution.

My friend and I ended things badly in August, well I've tried to say a goodbye and he even told me that he has been lying to me and that our friendship was never real. See here's the thing it was 3 years long and it was very rocky. It really put a number on me and I was even diagnosed with clinical depression. I've tried to end things still on a good note. He has ignored me for a month now after he lied about mailing dog tags back to me. I tried to get him to talk to me on Instagram but he still ignored me and I even tried to tell his friend about how bad he is, of course she thought I was trying to talk bad to her, she pretty much turned into about herself. But still nothing. I've tried to talk to him and I've only asked for like one minute and he still won't talk to me. I'm pretty sure he's trying to play games with me also.

Here's where I need you to read big time. I'm not stalking him, I don't even know where he lives and I don't know anything about his life like at all only the stuff he makes public. I've gone on his Tumblr and I'll watch to see if he's posting anything bad about me or even just good. It's kinda a bad habit now but he knows I'll look at it every once in awhile. I feel like every time I get to where "this is a bad thing to do I just need to move on," I'll tell him I'm done and then of course I'll go and look. But then I'll see him post something that could possibly match something about us.

Ok so here's where I need help. I'm getting better with my clincial depression, lost weight, got a new hobby, bunch of new friends, and busy with life. But in those moments of down time, I think about him and I go and look. I need to know how to stop myself from ever looking and thinking about him. It's like I'm stuck or something. I know he's a bad guy and I'm better off without him but I can't seem to just forget about him. And this isn't normal for me so I don't know what to do at all.


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  • He's trying to control you by being as a%%.. as hard as it will be, because you want closure and all, you have to stop checking his page (or anything else) so it doesn't make you upset and keep you stuck.

    You're a person who deserves respect and if you haven't done anything to warrant this type of disrespect than he's just a jerk. The End.

    You can't make him treat you fairly but you can remove him from your life if he doesn't. You're only hurting yourself by checking up on his posts.

    If he wanted to talk or give you closure, he would..but he hasn't :/ Sorry, I'm sure this situation is painful but you have to move on.


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  • You are 'stalking' him if you're reading his social media. You need to delete him completely from your life. Even go as far as setting up rules to block his sites from your computer if you can't seemingly control yourself.


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