Should I just move on?

I dated this guy for a few months and we broke up about a month ago. I really like him and when we broke up he said he honestly thinks I'm the one for him. He is going into the military so that's what he said was the reason he wanted to end things but still keep in contact. We texted for a few weeks and even hooked up in the time we were broken up but not he's being really short and not texting me too much. He said last week I was the only girl he was seriously talking to and last night I took him his birthday gift and he said he's getting better and hugged me a lot. He said that before as in he's getting better in terms of we can get back together, but he's been really depressed lately because his last ever football game was last weekend. So when he says he's getting better is that from the football depression or is that he's getting better to us getting back together? I wanna be back with him so bad but I don't know should I just move on or try to make him jealous or what should I do? He means so much to me and I just want to be with him. Please help! Thank you!


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  • Move on. Its very much understood as per your description , if you like it try just for last time but I suggest you to move on.


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  • He is interested in you for sure but he is the only one who knows what he meant by "getting better", you should have asked him to clarify. He seems really interested in you so don't try to make him jealous it may backfire on you. Just keep talking to him for now that's all I can suggest.


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