I like a girl that's in a relationship, but she gives me signs?

I'm a senior in high school, and there's this girl that I really like. It's her first year at the school, she just moved from the other side of the country. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, she doesn't have very many friends, and she is pretty shy. Luckily for me, I've gotten to know her since the first day of school (3 months ago). We have 2 classes together, and we sit together in both. She DOES have a boyfriend, and they've been together for almost a year...but the thing is he lives back home, so she never sees him.

We always talk, and when we do we always look each other in the eye from start to finish and we always randomly smile at each other. We usually have deep conversations, which has made us comfortable around each other. I've always felt like we had an amazing chemistry but I assumed it was my unconscious mind being biased since I like her so much...until today, when after I had walked her to class, 2 girls (not her friends), came up to me and asked if we were dating. I said no, and they said "Oh, well y'all act like it, you two would be really cute together."

So basically I don't know where to go in the relationship. I'm crazy about this girl, even though she doesn't know it. I understand she is in a relationship, and I'm not the type of guy to interfere with something like that. But the fact that we have such great chemistry that girls go out of there way to ask me if we're dating makes me consider pursuing her to see what happens.

Also, today, I was teasing her for being such an innocent, good girl. She laughed and said, "Well you're mysterious." I asked her what that meant, and she said "I can't explain it, you're hard to figure out. You're just so mature." What does this mean?


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  • Regardless of how much you like her or you both like each other, she is taken so until she leaves her man.. you should just keep it friendly. Cheating is cheating no matter how favorable it seems.


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  • Girls look in your eyes to show that they are paying attention. Most girls, if not all, do this.

    Calm down man. She's in a relationship already. How would you feel if you were the boyfriend and the boyfriend was you, and you were at home, and some random guy was interested in your girifriend?

    You probably can't ask her to break up with her boyfriend for several reasons. If she's just complicating you as a friend, calling you mature (and I've had someone call me that before too, but as a friend), then don't take that as a a signal that she likes you. Even if she does, she's already in a committed relationship, so don't go for it.

    If you told her you liked her, yet she liked two people at once, she would be in a dilemma. If she didn't like you and you asked her to break up, or even implied it, she wouldn't like that. Either way, wait and see what happens. If she's not in that relationship anymore, she will tell you (most likely).


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