Is it cool to hang out with my boy's ex?

So my boy ex, well kinda (they were not boyfriend and girlfriend but they like each other, and she played him, she hooked up with an her ex and they cut all ties, a few months) she even blocked me on Facebook and stuff. But anyways, is it cool to just hangout with her, cause I see her around? Or is this breaking guy code, and would he be mad.


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  • Guy Code says you need to ask him first. He'll probably be concerned and warn you that she is a b**ch (and it sounds like she may be), but given what happened, I'm sure he won't care, but he'll respect you for asking him first.

    • Thanks, and idk, he might cause he felt real hurt about her. but asking seem like a good idea.

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  • I think that's against the rules


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  • You have to ask him first. No matter what.

    Just hanging out means your eventually gonna try and bang her

    He might give you permission even though he's still hurt by it. If it looks like he is, don't take the permission seriously

    • Thanks bro! and yea it might be to soon.

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