How do I break the silence?

About 6 months ago I was talking to this girl I really like, We exchanged thousands of texts and we hooked up. I upset her after a few weeks by drunk dialing her a few times, and I made a complete fool of myself. She told me I was too high maintenance to even be friends with and I made a few desperate attempts to get her back only to further embarrass myself. She told me to erase her number and to learn some boundaries. So I did, and left her alone.

We go to school together and when we see each other we don't make eye contact and pretend like each other doesn't exist. Well last month I came to school last month dressed to the 9's(I had a job interview) and she saw me. Low and behold I had a notice when I got home that she had accepted my friend request on FB that I had sent her months ago. I thought it was really strange because we act so awkward around each other and don't even treat each other like humans, and the fact that my request was idle for months. I want nothing more than to talk to her, even if only to be friends. We have had amazing meaningful, heartfelt conversations(we both lost our mothers to cancer) and she is a good one to confide in. I want that back. How do I go about breaking this awkward silence? Its obvious she won't be the first to do it and I am really scared. What do I do? I saw her today and I chickened out...


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  • a lot of people at some point or another end up making a fool of themselves towards or in front of someone who they like. and that feeling of wanting to die of embarrassment has occurred to me on too many occasions that I'd rather not talk about them right now lol.

    the fact that she seen you dressed professionally and that you actually had a professional agenda that you want to seriously attempt to pursue allowed her to see another side of you that she may not have seen before. that being said perhaps she's reconsidering her preconceived notion of you not doing anything or going anywhere in life.

    i would keep things light and maybe if you'd like you could share some of your professional ambitions and goals with her. she actually might like that and it may be a door for you and her to become friends again and get to know each other on a different level.

    take care and I hope things work out for you.

  • First you need to be prepared that you won't get that back. If you can really accept that then just casually thank her for accepting the friend request and ask how she's doing? Then do nothing else. Don't text or send daily messages, just give her some time. I think if you get much more forceful then that she will get scared off.


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