Why does my ex try to make me jealous?

For starters my ex girlfriend left me about 2 weeks ago. She first asked for a break, but during the first few days of break she started to hangout with some new guy she barely met more and more. She never gave me the light of day,which caused me to tell her I was over it. A few days later she called it off all together and told me she would never get with me again. I want her to be happy and would often get jealous during our relationship. However now she likes to text me and say how happy she is with the new guy and how she is going to move to Japan with him in 2 months because he will be stationed there and she wants to try something new. But when I said you must love him already she gets defensive and says she dislikes this about me "that I always assume something." Why does she try to make me jealous if we aren't together, because it doesn't bother me anymore I want the best for her.


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  • because we girls even tho we love you, we feel insecure and need to be reminded constantly that you only have eyes for us. and she probably went to that guy to make you jealous, she was waiting for you to say something like " hey you! leave my girl alone" and grab her from him you know like those really cute scenes.


    • She is the one that left me, she has even said she doesn't think we will ever meet again. And that she is so happy being single

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    • :D and you are wonderful

    • Aww :) thank you

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  • Why are you even talking to her?

    • I have gotten over her and we don't are a big deal with being friends

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    • What are you getting out of this 'friendship'? If you're only getting negative crap why would you want that friendship? You have to decide what's best for you.

    • I am just the type of person that is always there for someone but I think just leting go even further than I have would be best.

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  • Yo, honestly. DONT REPLY TO HER IDIOT!

    Shes feeding you bullsh*t to get your attention. DONT YOU GET WHAT SHES DOING?!

    You even through in her face that she "must love him" and she got defensive, which shows she doesn't love him, and still loves you, and is stringing you along to make fun of you. BE A MAN AND PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN. DONT TEXT THE B**CH ANYMORE, CAUSE SHES A BITCH.

    She tries to make you jealous, because your allowing her too. Be a man and don't fall for her games, cause all she's doing now is playing with you.

    Stop replying to her, and watch how quickly she starts crying and ringing your phone off. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT.

    Be strong and don't reply.

    And a word of advice. Someone that does this to you, you should not take back.

    • I wouldn't take her back at all, I guess I felt rude not responding back. But you're right I need to stop contact

  • Next time she texts you about how great her new boyfriend is tell her to go text him then and to stop bothering you. If he's so great, she should be talking to him and not you. Then tell her to stay in Japan and don't come back.

  • Simple. Just stay away from her and don't think about her

    • Is it rude not to respond if she messages me, snapchats me or something dumb like that

    • She's already caused enough problems for you, don't allow her to make things harder for you than it should be

    • Yea il ignore her

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