An issue in paying him back.

My long term boy friend and I live together. Earlier this year, he received a large settlement from his work for an accident he was a victim in 2 years ago. He used about $2,500 of it so we could go to my sister's wedding and stay for a week on the east coast. I used my own money for whatever I could, but it wasn't much since him and I both live paycheck to paycheck. Since he got his settlement, he cut down on hours at work because he wanted to live partially off of his settlement. I was like, OK, whatever, it's his money, he can do what he wants.

Now, 6 months later, all his settlement money is gone, but he won't pick up on hours at work. Instead, he's been asking me to cover for how much ever he's coming up short at the end of the end to pay for rent and bills since he covered me for a lot of things on the trip. I was confused because I distinctly remember asking him months ago if he wanted me to pay him back for the trip, he said, "Don't worry about it." Now, he's acting like I owe him. I said, "Ok fine, I'll let you have my tax return and pay you out whatever I can until then until it's even." But we won't take cash. He doesn't want me to hand him money. He just wants me to cover him on whatever he can't, but this really doesn't sit well with me because he just doesn't want to pick back his old work hours. I'd rather just pay him off in cash and get it over with so I won't feel the pressure of owning him, but he refuses

Am I being too nit picky or is he just being weird about it?


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  • Since he said you didn't need to pay him back I don't think you owe him. If you would feel better paying him back then do it how you want to. If the lazy ass doesn't like it he can find a new girlfriend to live off of.


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