Why does my ex act like this?

OK! See I dated one of my friends for one day. He broke up with me because he wasn't over his Ex-Girlfriend. He told me that no matter what he doesn't want to lose me. So, we are friends. Then, last night we are talking on Facebook. I tell him I'm going to bed. He says I love you babe... I told him I loved him too as a friend tho! I have no clue what to do... He is single... But he hurt me when we broke up because he told me I reminded him of his Ex-Girlfriend.


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  • He may just be needing female attention and sought you out because your a familiar female friend or he is making sure you are available to him and wanted to see your response. You did the right thing by telling him "as a friend". Just stand your ground on how you feel. A true friend will respect your feelings. If he made you uncomfortable by saying that then maybe suggest to him any boundaries that you have for your friendship with him. If he can be fine with just being friends he will respect that. :)


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