What does my ex want? Any advice?

I ended things with him 5 weeks ago after a 10 month relationship. It basically came down to me giving so much and getting so little back. In the last three weeks he has made quite a lot of contact. Its all pretty general, he makes quite a few references to our relationship (jokes, things we used to say/do etc) He also wants to see me, but I brush this off. I would never initiate with him just because I was left so hurt after the relationship. A few days ago he also called to let me know he has been "cleaning up his act"

I am always quite general with him - as I said, never would initiate, always end the conversation etc -- so recently he hasn't initiated contact as much (maybe few days)

So my questions are

1 - Why is he contacting me all of a sudden?

2 - Do you think he has pulled back a bit because he has relized I am quite distant

3 - what should I do

Any advice appreciated.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's not getting laid/emotional support/intimacy/whatever else he was getting from you, and misses that.

    Maybe he's finally figuring out he's not going to get that without a lot of real work; maybe he's finally getting the hint that he keeps bothering you.

    As far as "cleaning up his act" goes, that always sounds like a long shot to me. But, even if it's true, it will be hard for him to keep his cleaned up act *with you* - old habits die very hard. You're out of there...you're probably best staying out of there.


What Girls Said 1

  • do nothing he is who he is, he can't change, he will be the same way with you he was so why revisit that pain.


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