How can I get this girl who slept with my ex out my head? Why am I worried when I'm beautiful? Please read my story

Well there's a girl that messed with my boyfriend when we weren't together , & it put a hold on me... I still think of the girl to this day when I shouldn't have, because her & her friends gave me drama & hated on me.

But the way she tried to intimidate me because she slept with my ex when I was pregnant & it really made me feel a way...

She's cute don't get me wrong , but as far as beauty goes, I am the prettier girl... But she did have a better bod

My ex cut her loose considering it was just a fling to him, & he's been with me , told her, her friends, he was with me & didn't want her... MIND you THIS WAS 3 years ago & I just didn't get over it

So last year I broke up with him because I couldn't get over it & started talking to some other guy & so on... So he decided to do the same thing ... He started associating & sleeping with a few girls & she was one of them. He slept with her 2wice this time around, as well as a few others & didn't care because he was single

I wonder how she feels & knows that me & him were broken up obviously . I know she knows we're back together, we got back the end of that summer, I realize I made a mistake & he does too...I just wonder if she feels foolish

Bc she sees all of this. I know I shouldn't be concerned about this type of individual considering what league I'm in.

But for some reason I can't drown her out & I really want to& my boyfriend says I'm making him depressed:/

Please tell me why do I still feel intimidated or jealous... ? & how to stop


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  • What is the matter with you? Dump him and move on. If you're truly as beautiful as you say, then why in the hell would you settle for someone who treated you like utter sh*t?And, by the way, he's still manipulating you now. He cheated on you time and time again, and his reason for you to let it go is that you're making him depressed. Surely, you can't be this stupid. When I lay it out like this, can you see how narcissistic he sounds and how stupid you look?

    • You obviously didn't read the story & are stupid yourself ... one we weren't together so he never cheated on me... & 2 you didn't answer the question, I asked how to get this individual out of my thoughts... You went over the edge, & failed logic at its finest ... But thanks for the attempt, I think I got this , have a good day...

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