My ex wants to help me out?

Broke up a couple days ago. I haven't had contact with him since the day we decided to break. He texted me recently& he offered to bring me to my job interviews that are next week. Since he knows I have no car & nobody will want to take me. I have 3 on 3 different days all back to back. He even told me his mom will bring me if he can't (I don't think she knows that we're not together anymore). I really want him to miss me and regret even letting me walk away. I think its too soon to see him though. But I really need the ride. I don't know if he's doing this out of sympathy or because he has plans to get back together or something. Should I take the ride and go back to no contact with him or should I just take a expensive cab and tell him to keep his offerings to himself and still not talk to him? What would you do if you where me? How would you feel if your ex took an thoughtful offering but didn't speak to you after the fact, all you got was a thank you?


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  • Sound like he might have had it in for another girl but didn't go through as plainer, go for it, tell him it's his his last chance but be popened minded to new sexual thing at the same time


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  • why not rent a car,its cheaper than a cab everyday and tell him to eff himsel,he may be doing it as a nice gesture but if he broke up w you it could be guilt


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