He's not boyfriend but, why does he have this bad picture of me?

He is a guy that I started chatting with online and we are still getting to know each other, we Skype, Facebook, and talk on the phone.

But today when we were talking he asked me, irrelevantly, if I was cheating on him.

He's not my boyfriend, we are still getting to know each other having only been talking for less than 3 weeks. So I am put off by all of this when l think: I'm not his girlfriend, and I'm just talking to him because he is a great guy and easy to talk to, but why he have this bad picture of me and assume I'm cheating on him?! Its confusing!

And I want bring this up in away where no feelings are hurt but to come up with some kind of understanding between us both. Any help would be great.


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  • was he kidding? because I say that to my friends (girls and boys) as a joke.

    • He said that he was joking after I questioned him about and tried to ignore the fact that he asked that. But he asked my twice and the 2nd time he seemed serious about it...so I don't know

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  • That would be a red flag, excessive jealousy.

    As you have said, you're just getting to know each other. So you should really just directly talk about it.


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  • ive met that type,he is showing you he is a jeal1ous and possessive type and it is a warning for you to runL!L!L!L!


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