Does he like me back or am I just reading him wrong?

I really like this guy, but he's sober and doesn't drink, doesn't like going to bars, and apparently wants to be surrounded by girls, like I'm just not enough. He asked me three separate times what I was doing this weekend, but he never wanted to join in, and only suggested a bar as a joke. Every time we've hung out, I've suggested it, like he mentions it in person but then ill text him later about it, like going to the gym or reading together. I'm not going to text him first but how should I handle talking to him? I can't tell if putting in little effort or a lot will make him respond more...
does telling a guy you like him, make him like you?


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  • He seems conservative. Make your intentions clear and you'll know what he thinks of you.

    Good luck.

    • the last time I went after a conservative guy, I lost my best friend. so I think ill just wait for him

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    • true... but he's had girlfriends before and has hooked up w girls... he's attractive?

    • Trust your instincts. If you think he'll come through and make a move, then he'll make a move. Good luck to you.

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