Someone please tell me if my coworker likes me?

Okay, I'm fifteen (16 in January) he turned 18 in September. Anyways, I met him right after his eighteenth birthday. I knew I was gonna like him, but I also knew he would never like me. So-o-o, I asked his stepmother, (Ash) she said that ever since the first time we met, (which was when I came to look at the job and talk to his dad) he's been asking "Where's Kaylee? When's she gonna be at the barn?" Ash told him to stay away from me. Anywayss, we started talking, the first time we hung out, we ended up pelting each other with shavings and shredded rubber. Plus he helped me clean stalls. (We both work at a horse farm) he asked me for my number and told me we would start riding every day together, after work. And that's what we did for the first week. After that he stopped. Ash said he gets embarrassed because he's not as advanced with horses as I am and that he wants to become more confident about his riding abilities before riding with me more. However, when we're at work, he ALWAYS walks up to me, flirts with me, dances, tries to slow dance with me etc. But there's some days when he distances himself from me. He still talks to me and everything, but, he isn't as touchy feely with me as usual. Just the other day, I was playing hard to get, (ignoring him, not smiling at him as much etc) and he taunted me, and aggravated me and we started horse playing. Well, he ended up tickling me until I couldn't breathe, putting me on his shoulders, spinning me around. After we got done, I decided to be a little nicer to him considering he was trying so hard. I started to rub/scratch his head and he took my hand, bit my hand (Not hard, just a nibble) and like went my arm, so I smacked him. Well, he grabbed me, started spinning me around then had me all wrapped up in his arms and bit me again, like on my back. (By the way, explain what that means. Please?) So that went on forever, then we decided to walk down to the creek, and we started running around down there. And as always, he gave me his jacket, but he helped me into his jacket. Then after we killed an hour down there, we went back up to his car. He opened the door for me, and we drove down to the barn. He helped me with stalls, then he had to go home. He gave me this giant hug, and then when I tried to give him his jacket back, he told me to keep it and just bring it back tomorrow. That was on Thursday. The next day, I didn't see him. But made brownies for his stepmom and dad for their birthdays, and I sent him some too. He called me that night and said "Just wanted to tell you that you make some damn good brownies. Those things were gooood."

And by the way, he knows that I like him. He replied "I love that you're country and you're all about horses, but I just got out of a relationship and I'm not ready for another one. I'm trying to get my life together, focus on schoolwork and getting into college. I'm sorry :("

Can someone PLEASE tell me if he likes me? And can you guys tell me what I need to do?


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  • He likes you. You need to act on this however it is you would feel comfortable with.

    • So, should I play harder to get? Or just feel out each individual situation?

    • Feel them out.

    • Will do. Thanks! And is the age difference weird?

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  • cute story, was fun =)

    he might really be trying to keep his plate clean for college. you might want to start flirting back (harder) & also consider asking him to do stuff outside of work.

    go for it! you've got the opportunity!


  • Sure he likes you. What you need to do is the question.

    Just go on as you normaly would


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