Gave ex a second chance now confused. Thoughts?

In college I dated a guy for 4 months. We got along so well and had no real issues. He abruptly ended things because he is in the army and didn't think it was good timing for us. He said it wasn't " fair to me" for me to spend my college life waiting on him when he would be going off to train for army things. I was devastated but he kept saying he was doing it for my own good. Right after the break up we didn't talk but eventually were around one an another here and there on strictly a friend level. Nothing romantically ever happened.

Fast forward 5 years later to the present...

I had everything going for me. I'm set in my career working at a financial instiution, am a Realtor and had been in a serious relationship for 4 years. (My relationship was having issues but nothing that couldn't be fixed)

Randomly the ex text me regarding a property he wanted me to go ahead and show him. I agreed and didn't think much of it. He wrote up an offer on the property and I had asked him to go out for drinks after with me and 4 other girls later that night. He came out with us and we were dancing together being silly and I felt something for him still. I whispered in his ear that I still had feelings for him. He immediately took me outside of the bar and sat me down. He started spilling his guts on how breaking up with me was the worst mistake of his life and he wanted a second chance. He knew I was in a relationship and said that he broke me up with one relationship and this was the second and last time he would have to do that. We sat outside for over an hour talking. The next day we talked further non drunk talk and he said the same things sober.

We had to keep in contact for the next month due to the real estate. He used this as a way to keep in my head. Pretty soon most real estate convos turned into catching up and joking around. I eventually broke up with my boyfriend because I had kissed the ex when we had our initial drunken chat that night. All my feeling came rushing back. I fell head over heels again for him.

After talking/hanging out for 2 months on and off. He abrubtly said he was ending things for my own good because this just wasn't fair to me. I just don't understand why he keeps toying with my emotions. He said I just need to be single, be independent and do my own thing. My emotions had been all over the place because I had just got out of a serious relationship. I feel like he caught me at a vulnerable time. Do you think there is any hope that he will come back around once I have been single and on my own for awhile?


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  • This is what went down..

    He wanted sex.

    He got sex.

    He dipped.

    You shouldn't have left your responsible man for this cad.. sorry girly.


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