So how should I break the news?

I may be pregnant with my second child, the first time I blurted it out in an argument and my mother cried... I don't want to do it again.. What do you think I should do?
  • Take her to dinner
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  • Give her a card that says You're a grandma Again!!!
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  • Make my son a shirt that says guess what I'm a big brother
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  • Sit her down and talk formally
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  • Well... How old are you number one...?

    Number 2, are you ready to handle another kid?...

    Is the kid with the same guy? or different one?...

    Why do you keep getting preggo? LOL have you not heard of contraceptives...

    I don't think your mom will be ready for this. Especially if you aren't married and don't have a carrier in order yet...

    How many months are you into the pregnancy?... I don't mean to be an a**hole, or sound like a bad person, but have you thought of aborting the fetus?. If its prior to 3 months, it still has no heartbeat... Anyways. Like I said, sorry to sound mean, but you might wanna think of that, especially if you already have a child...

    If you really wanna keep it.. You will have to tell your mother somehow, I don't think she will take the news very easily especially if you aren't married and you just keep pushing kids out... Anyways, I would sit her down.. And ask her what you should do.

    • I am living with my husband. The father of my son. And the new one. I'm 24, and I planned both pregnancies. So before you preach abortions and try to insult someone over being pregnant, you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

      I wanted some sort of creative idea over how to tell her. Not that I don't know what to do with it or that I'm scared to tell her.

      It's hilarious how quick you are to judge the situation.

      Go take your negativity somewhere else.

      You helped in no way at all.

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    • aka miss "I got into an argument and blurted is out" Then you say and I quote "my mother cried...". I don't think I got the message of her being "happy" in your question. Idiot.

      How about you stop acting like a prissy bitch, and learn to talk and act like a woman?.

    • Lol just shut up

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What Guys Said 2

  • Post it on FB. Let The Swarm do the work for you. Then just introduce her to the idea.

  • Lol I love your poll. I think before a meal is better and a card is a cute idea but just simply tell her when she is in a decent to good mood.


What Girls Said 3

  • I would take her out a dinner to take her mind off it a bit.

  • i vote D the other options are just going to piss her off.

  • Well it depends

    Are you in good position to be having a second child aka married, not a teenage, stable relationship etc ...My sister put her ultrasound in a baby album and gave it to my mom.

    If not in the best terms take her to dinner and tell her.


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