Ex boyfriend contacts me after 8yrs

Why would my x contact me after 8yrs of no talk? I can't help but wonder what he wants hr knows I live in another state but what he doesn't know is I've been thinking about moving home.


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  • Maybe he is just curious what ever happened to you. When you break up with someone and you never talk to them again there are certain feelings that subside inside you and when you come across a picture or something that reminds you of that person it makes you curious.


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  • So talk to him. LOl what's the issue? Act as a friend.

    He is clearly thinking of you. And clearly you have a special spot in his life for him to reach out to you after 8 years..

    Who knows, chat with him, see were it goes, its not like your gonna start dating him right away. You guys might set up plans for coffee or drink and dinner when you get back and things could be a lot better then what they were 8 years ago.

    What do you have to lose?.. People do change you know..

    • we exchanged numbers and have texted a lot and I do see a difference on how he isn't so short with answers. and I do feel like like when I talk to him that feeling come back and I just get flashbacks of how things were kinda like I get to watch it through a slideshow. he told me if I come back to our hometown that I better get ahold of him and I have even thought about making an 8hr drive to see him but I admit to being nervous to see where things could go because of the distance.

    • You see! LOL Just take your time miss. Don't rush anything. Clearly he has held you in his heart for years, and really wants to fix w.e problems happened before. I'm sure everything will work out perfectly for you two. :)

  • When a guy contacts you after THAT long...that means he came across your picture somewhere. good feelings flooded in and got the confidence to contact you. If you feel nothing for him... be truthful.

    • yes I agree with that , he might have seen a picture of you somewhere or found something belonged to you in his flat , and he missed you , not sure of his intentions , but most probably he wanted to check on you , and see how life have brought you , it is nice of him , don't deny his approach

  • I reached after 8 years, you're not over ...

    I was really worried, what did you do for her, you can not forget?

    • how did it turn out for you?

    • No, you do not need to open .. I wanted to talk about your attractiveness, an attractive woman in a substantially wanted for eight years after that, everyone does not have it ...

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  • he might just wna tot know ow you are doing in your life or he hasn't gotten over you,


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