If you were a japanese boy and your mom divorced your dad and married 3 black men would you brag about it?

would you be proud to tell this story? would it make you feel cool? is the American military base cool?
this is a serious question.
my reaction? well lets just say I'm glad I have thick bangs to hide my raised eyebrows. of course I acted very calm and understanding. the boy has an entire sleeve with a dragon reaching to his chest. do you know what that means in japan?
what is so lol about this?


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  • No I would not find that cool.

    If, on the other hand, my dad was divorced and went on and married 3 hot eastern European supermodels... yeah, I'd kinda brag about that.


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  • Racial implications aside, no woman (or man) should brag about divorcing their spouse and marrying three other men? When I was a kid, kids who were from military bases were called base brats. I suppose they're now called junior heroes, but times have changed.

    • i feel like he was trying to impress me somehow. he has 3 sisters (all from his mom's first marriage to a japanese) re-marrying three times to men who can't speak the language, that's a lot to put young kids through. he was 3 when his parents split up.

    • Sounds like he has "issues" to me.

  • In NA that's not something you'd even want to brag about. You're not even allowed to marry multiple people at the same time. Why is this cool?

    And what does the tattoo mean?

  • Is he telling you about his family or bragging about it? If he is telling you about his life and his family then maybe you are judging a bit too harsh? I am sure he is not responsible for his mother's choices and choosing a black man is wrong why?

    • i did not ask and the way he said it sounded like bragging. who said anything about being wrong?

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    • i see. that makes sense.

    • Well I tried and I think that may be it. And sorry for being a moron at the start of this.

  • You mean she married 3 men at the same time? That would make her sound like a slut. Or did she divorce each one before marrying the next? That would make her sound like she is too unstable to make a marriage work. Either way I wouldn't brag about it. My mom and dad both remarried several times, and I have never seen it as something worth bragging about.

    • no.. in a row. polygamy is not permissable by law.

    • I didn't think that is what you meant, but wasn't sure what the laws in other countries might be.

  • No. It makes her sound like a whore. Why would that make me feel cool?

    Judging by this story and the fact that you pointed out that these were black guys, I'm assuming that they are popular over there as well. That boggles the mind.

    • i've been seeing a lot of black men with japanese or other Asian women recently. not young hipsters but 30s and up

    • Well, sure. They've finally joined the rest of the world with that preference.

  • I don't get the point of these questions. They seem to get more and more ridiculous. No, I wouldn't brag about it...

    • well, many people on this site THINK they know what east Asian women are up to but in reality ...

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  • Why would you want to brag about your Mum being a (by the way you describe her) sl*t?

    • i don't know, he had a smile on his face telling me this. he also told me what it's like to hang out on the yokosuka American military base.

  • no, I wouldnt. what does the dragon tattoo mean in japan?

    • it means that he is affiliated with yakuza. even if I didn't know him and just saw him on the street covered in tattoos like that me and others would assume this.

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