How to get over a guy you never even had

So there's this guy I like and I think he likes me back, we talk on and off but he's never made a move and I kinda doubt he will. Since I'm clearly not willing to risk the embarrassment (maybe he doesn't like me and it's in my head) I just want to get over him. but how do I do that?

i can't stop thinking about him and it's driving me crazy, if anything I'm more pissed off at how obsessed I've gotten over this than him not making a move.

i never wanted to be this kind of girl and don't ever want to be again, how do I get over this guy and view him simply as a friend?


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  • i forget how that phrase goes, but it applies: 'the only things you regret are the things you didn't do' - why not give such a thing a chance, if nothing else it 'plants a seed' for him & he may take you up on it sometime.

    Love is worth the embarrassment. be brave for a day, charm him off his feet. it's worth it - right?

    worst case, you did what you should, & it didn't work. go for it - do it sly/smart like girls do, rather than blubber on drunk like we do - lol.

    • yeah you're right, how do I get the balls to do that? I've played it safe my entire life

    • i'm no expert, more of a romantic / monogamous type, but just slowly up the playing until you get some sparks, then either let him ask you out, or you could even ask. girls do that, too, now.

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  • Why don't you make a move?i wish I would have that opportunity again if I see the guy I liked..

    the only regret one has is not doing the thing they want..

    • because if it was all in my head (the crush) I don't wanna lose his friendship or make things weird, I see him all the time. Also I'm so obsessed at this point that a rejection would devastate me

    • Someone once said the best time to approach a person is at the first sight and not after months of investment in the emotions. I think it is very true.

      But are you sure you want to give up

    • no I'm not sure at all, I'm very confused about what to do.

  • You. Just. Stop. Just. Stop... and there you go :) it's over!


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