You suspect your spouse is cheating, how far would you go...

You think your spouce is cheating, and you know they won't come clean. How would you investigate this situation. Would you wanna know, and if you did, at what extent,.knowing this would end the relationship. And you are on a mission to get solid evidence so that you can confront him/her. What would you do to find the truth...

  • Do nothing at all, believe he/her is telling you the truth, and ignore your gutt
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  • Hire a private investigator, and wait for the report.
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  • Follow him/her around yourself, hoping they don't notice you
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  • Find out the password to his/her emails, social media sites, and trend what he/she is doing.
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  • Check his/her phone for callers list, emails, texts, pictures, or even download one of those cell phone spy apps and see what you may find
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This is a general question... At some point in our lives, we may have been in this sort of situation. I appreciate your responces, and it may help others in search of some answers. Thank you. Please submit your answers, and again... Thank you :-)
I know we may feel the need to spy. It's not worth it. When someone is cheating, their lies will give them up. And eventually. They screw up and you find out. Getting chested on would absolutely suck. They proved however. They aren't worth your time.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'll investigate myself lololololol! It would be fun! Yes I'll follow him, check his phone, emails ALL! I need solid evidence girl so that he will cooperate with me on our annulment because if not I'll use it to send him to jail! I have zero tolerance on cheating! If other girls hit on him, other guys hit on me too but I don't cheat and stay away from temptation. I have morals and value our marriage! If he has a problem with me as his wife or duties I fail to fulfill he should tell me! I'm willing to work things out or he could simply tell me he does not love me anymore. I can accept it! I'm a good sport! lolololol!

    • you sound like a nut with trust issues and seriously you cannot go to jail for adultery. you obviously don't respect a persons boundaries

    • I'm from the Philippines. I absolutely can put him to jail! lololololol! Even if I caught him cheating I can't divorce him because we have no divorce here my dear! Legal separation is an option but I can't marry again if ever I want to! The best I can get is annulment but it would be impossible to get if he will not participate, I need something to blackmail him! I'm not a nut, I am just smarter than you!

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  • i'd believe my girl. only chumps go through their gf's phones and the like. unlike most dudes I trust the girl I am supposed to be dating and if she is cheating on me,well, jokes on me.

  • how about an "other" option? I would simply observe their behavior and see if anything is different. Do they dress up going somewhere casual example like the grocery store or to get gas or something. Do they have a sudden change in schedule? Example would be they tell you their work hours changed, I might call their work to check. Another big indication is your sex life, if it becomes less active than normal or even more active than normal means something has changed which him. Is that person hiding phone records or credit card records from you? Any mysterious purchase or large sums of money taken from the ATM? Does that person ever receive a phone call and leave the room and not tell you who it was afterward?

    Really I would snoop through anything, behavior alone will tell you. People change when they try to cover up something and when they lie. Can they look you straight in the eye and say nothing is happening? Some can, good lairs can but a lot of people cannot. Or they get defensive. Most communication is through body language so pay attention to that!

  • In such situation, I would definitely install some keylogger software on her PC. It is kinda unfair, but it helps a lot really. I was using such a tool from in order to monitor my girlfriend's activity. She was cheating on me, and I proved it in such a way. We split up, but now I am much happier :)

  • first off those votes on how to catch the cheating spouse are laughable, A.ignore possible betrayal, B. waste money, C.if you're shadowing & you get caught your pathetic,D. &E.scope his email & his phone what are you his mother, first off , you drop subtle hints during conversation making it appear as if you know move their things to spots wear they shouldn't be & bring them to their attention make sure you point out that they're being careless & if they aren't nervous or jumpy at your calmness about carelessness then there's nothing going on or they're incapable of feeling guilt or empathy & are a sociopath & you should leave before you wake up or don't wake up I should say

    • First off relax. I have heard people talking about their spouces cheating and what they' I was curious to see what people on here thought. No need to get all crazy. God almighty

    • i'm not in a relationship for the main reason I haven't met a woman yet who has enough intelligence to see through such an easy & obvious manipulative ploy as this, when making a serious decision you have to give serious thought I'm not upset but there are certain human traits flaws in human nature that I tend 2 exploit in order 2 gain certain advantages,allowing some people 2 believe that they're more intelligent than you,it's a lot easier 2 gather information when people think their smarter

    • i'm not the type to settle for less, I'm not crazy well I could be(I never deny possibility, impossible is an illusion created by the mind)but if I try to lift people up as far as they'll let me if I see potential or valuable traits I accept them & help them harness those gifts granted most of the time they are unaware of my intent as long as they grow then I consider my decietful actions more than worth it

  • I don't care about her cheating on me anymore.

    There are lots of hurtful things that can be done, cheating isn't something that hurts me.

    So I let her do it.

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What Girls Said 5

  • f) none of the above. Grow a pair and talk to him/her.

  • If I loved a man enough to marry him, I better have trust in him. If I felt the slight tingle of suspicion creeping into my view, I would be very observant-- infidelity can be a simple thing to spot IF you are not clouded by a rosy illusion of your relationship. The behavioral changes tend to be genuinely staggering if you watch the situation objectively.

    Of course, I am not saying that I would not be tempted by checking phone calls (and such)... I just need to practice confidence in him unless he proved that he did not deserve it. I would never prematurely suffocate our bond by distrust and hostility. Acting on an inkling that could potentially ruin us is not something I would be willing to wager. Maturity regarding this matter is necessary.

  • I would have a serious talk with him, and tell him my suspicions. I'm not thinking he's cheating for no reason, I'd have to have a good reason.

  • F, I would stab him in the head.

    No seriously I would just flat out ask.

  • If I think he's cheating, something went wrong long before that. I'm not paranoid like that... I still can't believe my ex cheated on me and I walked in on him and her. Maybe there were warning signs and I missed them. But I never even thought about it. Even now, I still don't.

    If he wants to go through my phone, he can. I have no need to go through his. If he's going to cheat, he will and something was broken before then. And if I'm faced with him cheating, I'll do what I did last time, walk away, grab a 6-pack, my gun and disappear for a few days. And then start over new, alone again.

    • That is horrible.. sorry to hear. :-( someone cheating. Always gets caught.

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