Is my ex boyfriend serious about being together again?

soe and my ex broke up about four months ago because he was talking to this new girl so we stopped talking for about a month then we would talk every once in awhile then we stopped talking again so a week ago we strted talking constantly again he stopped talking to the other girl and was tellin his dad he missed me so we hung out and he said he wants to take things slow and not rush but he also brought up getting an appartment together and that hr was lookin and found one for us already but is he serious about us this time ?


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  • He's only talking to you because you're letting him. That's messed up that you guys broke up so he could talk to another girl. Now she's gone and he magically wants you back. Talk to him if you want but definitely don't do anything serious like an apartment. You'll regret it. What's to stop him from talking to a new girl once you move in and are stuck in a lease? Trust me I've been there.

  • He's bluffing.


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