Gf and I are having a "mutual" break to "get some space", but how much space does she need?

Last night my girlfriend asked me to come to Uni dorm to "have a talk". I went up and we discussed that our relationship of 5 weeks is going way to fast and think that we should have a small 2 week break to see what we want. I know what I want and that's a relationship with her, but I'm willing to get her all the space she needs.

She told me it's NOT a break up but simply a break and she said we'll have another talk in 2 weeks and see how it goes.

I'm not going to say I'm not worrying about it otherwise I would not even ask the question, I'm just sceptical that she'll break up with completely even though she says she reckons she won't.

We managed to set some rules: 2 weeks of NO or near no contact and no dating/seeing/sleeping with anyone else.

Now based on that it is giving me some comfort that she isn't doing this because she has the hots for someone else.

I do trust her a lot and she does too so I reckon that when we do sort out our issues we'll get back together, well I hope at least and her boyfriend feels that if I do leave her the space we'll be together again.


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  • 2 weeks sounds like enough time

    • Exactly it's not too short and definitely not too long. I can deal with the wait but I can't deal with the break up (if it does happen). Please read the link, I've added further information link

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  • Taking a break 5 weeks in IS NOT a good sign! I've been with mine for 8 and wouldn't dream of taking a break from him.

    The beginning is supposed to be the best time and if it's not it's a good indication the rest won't be great either.

    • I see your responses below about a break being just a break but consider this - relationships are about building a partnership where it's basically the two of you against the world. The normal healthy solution would be to work on whatever issues you have together, not take a break and hope they go away. How on earth would time apart fix anything, especially five weeks in?!

    • You guys were right all along and she broke up with me ... but to be honest I couldn't care less any more she is absolutely heartless in truth. Amount of times she's insulted me by calling me a retard and then if I reacted in a bad way to it (Which anyone else would I think) she would call me "too sensitive" ... anyway it's done I'm moving on to other things. I don't need her.

    • Yeah you can def do better !

  • Commend her for not stringing you along into something that may not be what she wants. Takes two to tango.


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  • A "break" usually means it's over. I think it's a stupid idea. I'd move on if I was you.

    • I don't think it is, waiting 2 weeks to see won't hurt anyone anyway.

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    • You're better off without her mate, she sounds like a cunt.

    • She had a lot of issues when I was dating her. She had pretty bad depression and I remember before I went away for a month she passed out on me three times and only by me calling her name she came round. I didn't handle it correctly when I got back because I only cared about myself and I should have put aside the relationship and what I wanted. However, it was never right to begin with. I knew we were just friends to begin with but the infatuation as usual gets the better of most of us.

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