Issues with men and narcissistic? Urgent!

Last time I checked, she is the EX wife of a WWE superstar. Their 5 year old child went to her with full custody.

But I also saw various fan pages on twitter and two official websites on the internet with mobile apps and many girls pretending to her on Facebook or making fan pages. All her 'fans' are teen girls with no life who sit on twitter the whole day talking and discussing her, her child and her ex husband. Most can't even properly spell.

They have a whole set of her photos/her daughters photos which she gives them through her Facebook. After her divorce she made plenty of her photos public and her daughters photos public.

She also favorites tweets by those people who say she looks like Sandra Bullock, is very talented and beautiful and all those people who sing her praises or believe she's still married to that athlete.

She only parties with her friends. She still has friends and they keep calling her how hot she is and how supermodel like she looks when she looks really bad and always has makeup plastered on her face,

She has this beaded handmade jewelery line which is only known to her friends and her ex husbands fans and tells these girls that it will be worldwide one day.

She sits on Facebook for about 8-10 hours each day, uploading pictures and talking non stop with her friends. And she got this job at real estate just 4 months before divorce but in a short time she's become a sidekick of her boss and if her boss wears black nail polish she wears black nail paint, if her boss wears a dress with blazer and necklace, she does the same.

Shes fat around her waist and hips and has had breast enlargement surgery but shares studies that women with big boobs and big butts are smarter and healthier. And her role models are the Kardashians.

Her ex is a drug/steroid addict, smokes and is/was a womanizer but instead of help she took him to her parties, and skimmed over his problems

So what is so celebrity like? or her fans are crazy? This woman also talks/follows her fanpages on twitter as

Is their anything admirable about her? Honest opinions please


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  • what does this have to do with male narcissim?

    I think you are overly concered with whomever it is you are talking about and the fact that you are so concerned with this person would seem to indicate that she has achieved her goal of being pseudo influential. The fact is the world in which she is so important is a perceived world with faceless lackey's and sycophants. but who knows how truly important she is outside of this tiny niche of a world of wrestling fans and social media followers


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  • Fame makes people more admirable in the eyes of others. People loved the Jersey Shore cast, and all they did on that show was drink and party. It doesn't really matter what you're famous for.

  • She sounds like an oxygen thief.

    Lol @ studies that fatties are smarter and healthier. Lazy bitch needs to stop pigging out and get her fat ass in the gym instead of making dumb excuses.

    • what kind of woman is she?

  • People live such shallow sad lives don't they?

  • I'm a die hard wwe fan, which wrestler is it?

  • It's Randy Ortons Ex Wife Samantha!


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