Why does my sister treat me this way?

My ex boyfriend cheated on me. My sister's husband and her are still friends with him and now they are friends with his girlfriend. My sister knows the truth about how my ex cheated on me because she was with me the first time he did it. The second time it happened I broke up with him. Her response was well your both better are off and she also said well you'll be fine. It just hurts me that the person that I thought would care of some one hurting me doesn't. From what I know her husband cheats as well. She has become friends with my ex's girlfriend and encourages their relationship. I could careless about him I just find this very twisted. It's like that saying an honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies. His girlfriend is obviously an innocent person that knows nothing about the way he is. I have always tried to be there for my sister and anything she needs with my nieces I'm there. I just find all this twisted. Obviously she hangs out with him because they became friends while we were together. I still talk to my ex but I would never get with a cheater like him.

He comes over to the house and he tries to talk to me. I have to deal with him because I can't be with my nose up the whole time. I am upset but everyone in my family talks to him. They became friends with him and he still comes around and I quote he says that my family is like his second family. My sister and her husband are his friend and my sister is friends with his girlfriend yet they all act as he's a great guy. They are lying right at his girlfriend face. With friends like this who needs enemies same with my sister. Its crazy because out of all the people I'm the one that feels for her that's why I find it wrong. He has tried to keep her from coming over to the house because I feel he knows I'm going to say something. I am not for people trying to play others no mater who it is.


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  • I think that is wrong how your family is befriending him, they are telling him in a subconscious way that they approve of cheating and worse yet its OK to cheat on my sister, my daughter. I am sorry to hear this I know of a similar situation and the daughter stopped talking to her family because they treated the ex like the son that never was and she could not handle it because he beat on her too! Once I found out I beat him like a pinjata, she was my best pal growing up! I you have evidence he cheated show them to his current girlfriend and let her know what kind of guy he is... I am sorry for you troubles and wish you the very best!

    • I wish I did. My sister and her husband are witness because I saw the texts he was sending the other woman. As I said before my sister's husband is the type of people that thinks all men cheat. My sister turns a blind eye because she has daughters. She said she wants her kids to have their dad. I didn't think of it before but I should have took cellphone video during that time. It's just a matter of time before she finds out I just don't want the sweet woman to waste her time like I did.

    • When he cheated on me I told him to call the girl he was going to meet with. I spoke with her and she told me that they were talking and that he was trying to talk to her. I'm sure if I called her should we confirm it again to his girlfriend. That's about the only evidence I have.

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  • That's a lot to read but I got the first few sentences, sometimes family is not like family. You have to find people in your like that are "family" whom ever that may be.

  • sucks.


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  • Maybe your sisteruisssleeping sleeping with him? Sucks your family should be more supportive


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