Is online chatting cheating?

So for the last couple months I've been chatting with a guy online. We've never met in person and have no intentions to meet.. We have really good chats, nothing sexual or anything like that. It's nice to have someone to talk to. I have a boyfriend that I love veryy much. But he doesn't express his feelings very much. This guy that I've been talking to is married with children, about 10 years older than me. Is this cheating?


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  • Nope. Especially if there's nothing sexual, you just have an online guy friend, fairly similar to a platonic guy friend in real life. Cheating would really only be if you started anything sexual or stuff.

    Be very careful though. Anybody can be anybody online, and while it's quite possible to meet great people and make friends, always be wary of the fact that you can't really know for sure who's behind the keyboard. Hell my profile says 18-24, but for all anyone really knows I could be a 70 year old pedophilic grandma. Point is be friendly, but be wary, and don't be too free with personal information.

    Hope that helped, feel free to comment/message if you need anything else

    • The guy only knows my first name, nothing more. I have video chatted with him a few times. He looks the age he says he is.

    • Good start, be sure you don't give out too much about your location and all.

      I know I sound like a paranoid little shit (which I guess I am) but people can even misrepresent themselves via video chat. Believe there's been cases where people had other people stand in for them, or had makeup and all on or whatnot. Just hate for anything bad to happen

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  • If you don't chat about anything sexual, how is this any worse than you chatting with a guy in real life about non-sexual things?

  • Of course not. As long as there were no flirting or exchanging of pictures.

    Many people confuse socializing with cheating.

  • I don't think so. Does it feel like you're doing something wrong?

    • No, but I was trying to think about my boyfriends feelings. Or how I would over think the situation if the rolls were reversed.

    • I'll be honest, as a Boyfriend I probably wouldn't be thrilled about this. But it has more to do with me being a man and, therefore, knowing how men think. I will say this: if this online guy tries to get sexual with you in any way/shape/form, you gotta drop him.

  • Not yet, but it is playing with fire.

  • Cheating for one person is not cheating for another.

    In the strictest sense cheating can ONLY be sex with someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

    Everything else is just disrespectful behavior.

    Staring at other women, making out with other women, talking online with other women sexually.

    All of those are not technically cheating, but they are disrespectful.

    And I would say if you value your relationship you should stop doing things that are blatantly disrespectful to the other person.

    • He knows about it but he doesn't express his feelings that often. So I don't know how he feels about it that's why I asked.

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  • How can that be cheating when you just have an online friendship going? unless you're secretly falling for him but you deliberately left that out here in the Question Post. :-P

    • No, no romantic feelings whatsoever. He's married and I'm in a relationship. It's not my thing.

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    • how do you two communicate if he doesn't open his mouth much?

    • I mean we talk about but not about emotional things. It's more about how our days were or what we're gonna eat for dinner. Once in a while he'll break down and talk about it, but that's like every 6 months. Then he'll talk for hours. He keeps a lot bottled up and when it comes out it pours.

  • I wouldn't see it any different then if you meet a friend have coffee and chat at a resturant. So no it's not cheating.


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