Now, how bad did I mess this up? Am I a creeper?

So, there's this guy I've been talking to since September. We're in class together three times a week. He lives on campus, I commute.

I initiated most stuff-- I said we should hang out and whatnot outside of class. He's kind of nerdy and awkward so I didn't know if he was interested or just shy/nervous.

So, we've hung out a few times outside of class and it's been fun. He even cleaned his room in his apartment for me to come over and watch a movie with him. We did that, and we got really close to cuddling, but I was too nervous and I assumed he was, too. Like I said, he's no Rico Suave. I like him SO MUCH, though. We are/were taking things slow, and I like that.. a lot..

HOWEVER-- Yesterday after class he had to go to the doctor's on campus. So he was walking there and I hesitated and said "Am I.. going with you?" And he said "Yeah, sure, if you don't mind waiting." So I went. We waited. Then they called him back into what I thought was the doctor's actual office room.. But he said "bye" to me as he was leaving, and I didn't get it that that was my cue to leave. I just thought.. "Well, what... it'll take 15 minutes.. I'll just wait for him" thinking I was doing something nice. So.. I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. For a good hour.

And then he comes through the OTHER door and didn't even know I was there! I waved to him and he was like "What? You're still here?! I thought you left! I went to the student center and almost went home, but they called me back here" And I was soooooooooooooo embarrasseddddddddd. I felt so desperate and creepy and ughhhh. And afterward I sent him a text saying "I'm really sorry about that. I feel like a weirdo now." And he never responded.

How badly did I mess things up? Honestly? It was a stupid mistake/miscommunication. But I feel like such a clingy person now. Guys, what would you think if a girl did that, even though she's proven in the past that she's not clingy/creepy?
He texted me this morning.. Twice! That's a good sign.


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  • Well if he likes you he won't think that was clingy. He'll just find it cute. Not sure why he didn't respond, guess the best thing to do is gauge the next time you see him.

    I used to be the awkward quiet guy. If something like this happened to me before I would have died and felt really awkward. However over time I've learned it's just stupid to think that way. If this happened now I'd just laugh it off with the person. "Wow what a stupid thing I did! I totally misunderstood what you said and I waited. I wasn't sure when you were coming out and didn't want you to think I left you." Just be completely upfront instead of feeling awkward about it. Chances are he'll find it funny and brush it off as well when you explain it.

    Whenever I have a stupid moment, I brush it off like that now, with a clear explanation why I did it. They may think you're silly for a moment, but then they'll think your alright and brush it off as well. It helps when you laugh at yourself.

    Just play it cool, like nothing really happened, but don't ignore it either. Just meet up with him again as if you were meeting up with him normally. Don't ignore him now or anything, as you can un-do what was building up.

    Also don't be afraid to initiate a move! The fact that he asked you over for a movie is awesome. Too bad you two didn't cuddle, but be sure to ask him to see a movie again.

    • Aw, that was such a nice reponse. And it made me feel better. He ended up replying to me today.. actually he double-texted me because I didn't respond right away. So.. I suppose that's a good sign. :] THANK YOU!

    • That's great! Good luck with it.

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  • you're overanalyzing. no he didn't expect you to be there but unless he doesn't like you he probably appreciates that you would wait for him.

    I don't think you messed up and I don't think you are a creeper

  • It was just a miscommunication. He has no reason to think you're stalking him or overly clingy.

  • Your over thinking it, it was just a miscommunication. no big deal


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  • Nah, girl. You didn't mess up at all. It was really a miscommunication. You should also stop calling yourself a weirdo. You can cover for yourself by laughing about it and saying you must have misheard. I get self-conscious a lot too, and a good rule of thumb is: when you start thinking you are stupid. STOP. Because that cannot be true. It's just not. I'm positive you have fantastic qualities and you are a great catch. ;)

    As for the shyness, before you go out, try to remind yourself of some of your accomplishments and how awesome you are. If he's really that shy, that temporary boost to your ego'll help you feel confident enough to tease him a little/ make cute compliments until you can break the ice. Good luck!

  • i don't think it as that bad, just relax.


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