Is he my friend or not?

So my friend from my old high school likes to come to the city and grab a drink. We have history together! During study hall time we'd sneak out and go behind the bathroom, make out and a little here and there. He was the first guy I lost my V to, when it was break I went to his house. Then we couldn't help ourself but got frisky. So anyway now were just "friends" because I have a boyfriend and he goes to college and the other guy Is OK now. So he tends to want to come to the city to grab a drink and hang out I said yes,then no then yes and my final answer was no. Because part of me gets this vibe every time I'm with him the past comes back floating around my head. And having him around makes me feel like I'm pushing my boyfriend aside. He got pissed I understand took a while to explain why but now he understood and all I got was an OK. I haven't heard from him after his last text. I don't want him to be mad at me. What do I do and did I do a bad thing by going back and fourth?
He gave me "I guess sice this keeps happening I don't think we should be friends so (Have a nice life) too bad" I said OK so I just wish he'd move on and act like a normal person not a child!


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  • No. Girl, when you told him no you did probably the smartest and best thing you could have done. You need to make the decisions that make you the most happy, and the least confused or self-conscious about your actions. Your past is a special thing, but you have to focus on people and things that can make your life wonderful and happy in the future. You won't be selfish if you follow that advice, and neither will you be dishonoring the wonderful past stories you have. It's okay to be confused, but it's also okay to make that decision your gut wants you to make. Listen to that gut! If it says "no way," there's almost always a very good reason for it, even if you don't know why yet.


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  • Hey the past is the sounds like you had some good sex and some fun. But you have a boyfriend now, who I hope is "taking care" of you. If you do meet up with the high school will lead to sex...if that is still OK with you then go for it. But it sounds like you want to move on. The back & forth thing will only drive you crazy. My suggestion...move on.

    • I mean he's even talking crap about me to my best friend. I just hate how childish he used "have a nice life"

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  • If you can't trust yourself, or him, to behave...

    Then saying no was the right decision.

    That being said...

    Giving him the yo-yo treatment, is totally not fair to him and not cool.

    He responded the way he did, because you hurt him. Maybe he thought you two were going to hook up.. maybe, in his mind, all you two are is friends, and you just pissed that away on him...

    • Trust me you don't know him like he acted he was a kid how he told me "well have a nice life"

    • I mean like ik your right he just made me go like you say the yo-yo thing. I felt like pushing my boyfriend aside every time I hung out with him is all! Since my boyfriend is at college. And I'll be seeing my boyfriend soon since it's the holiday so I felt a weird vibe is all

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