Did you do the vanishing act?

I'm now recovering from my 'boyfriend' pulling his vanishing act.

To make this long story short, we started off as friends and gradually became lovers. Out of all three of my relationships, I decided to fully open my heart to him. He did the same at least I thought he did. He told me that he felt we were soul mates and silly as this sounds, I thought he was more than just that (twin flame). His friends likes me, his mom and neighbor said he should marry me and everything seemed great.

Then he started drifting. He told me he felt he isn't ready for a relationship because of his issues he was dealing with. He said that we should take a break. No hooking up with anyone or anything. Then he magically disappeared.

I cried for weeks and I'm happy to say that I didn't cry for two days in a row. I'm just upset that he knew I didn't want a relationship. He was the one who pursued me. I told him please don't hurt me. Please don't disappear on me like my ex-boyfriend. Well, here I am now.

I'm curious as to who pulled the vanishing act? What was your reasoning? How did you feel when you did it? Did you regret it? Did you come back to apologize?

My ex before this one reappeared and I have forgiven him because I feel that holding a grudge is a waste of time. I have no interest in taking him or my current ex back, but I don't mind being friends.

Thank you for reading and answering =).


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  • We do that when we don't really give a f***. We do that to those who are here for our amusement, not those we really care about. I don't even think you should be friends with such a person. As long as someone like that is in your life, they will seek to destroy you.


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  • me no - but the one that did do that, I do think had other stuff going go, it was a horrible thing to do, not knowing. He did eventually get back in touch to say sorry but never gave a explanation but he was back with his ex...

    I would not be friends with someone who encouraged me to be so open then vanished, it's cruel.

  • Sorry to say this but it sounds to me like he was selfish enough to misled you just for sex... then guys wonder why girls change and don't believe them...

  • F him.. sleep with his best friend. what a prickkkkk


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