Will you break up with your girlfriend if she went to club?

do normal guys get so angry if their girlfriend went to club and called them to inform ? will it be a reason enough to broke up with someone you admit your love for ?

is it a cultural thing ? if there's a Korean here .. is it normal to break up because of Club ?


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  • What is club, furthermore I don't thing it is a good reason to do so

    • clubing ... night club

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    • he's korean and I met him there ... we were so goos 3 days before this he called me saying he loves me and he asked me to promise him I will never break up with him ! but then I went to club <ith my friends and I called him to say so .. and he started to yell at me in korean and used NC for more than 2 weeks. then he called to say he is angry and he have a bad mind .. I tried to fix it after but I couldnt't' since he is not fluent in English and he started to avoid me.

    • I guess it was because he was the one who wanted to break up on you!

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